Coober Pedy Opals

Coober Pedy: The Opal Capital of the World

Coober Pedy, situated approximately 900km north of Adelaide on the Stuart Highway, is renowned as the world’s opal capital. This outback desert town boasts a rich opal mining history, with over 70 mining fields, making it the most significant area globally. Beyond opals, Coober Pedy is famous for its underground residences and attractions, including an underground church. Translating to ‘boys waterhole’ in the local Aboriginal language attracts tourists worldwide.

Opal Mining in Coober Pedy

Of all Opal mined, only 10% is the sought-after precious Opal with beautiful colors such as that found in crystal and white Opal in Coober Pedy. The remaining stone is primarily called potch, frequently used in creating opal doublets and triplets. Opal doublets consist of a thin slice of Opal attached to a potch backing, while triplets feature a glass layer. Jewelers frequently utilize Coober Pedy crystal to craft doublets and triplets, resulting in more affordable and durable pieces for retail jewelry sales.

Types of Opals Found in Coober Pedy

White Opal, also referred to as fire white opal or milky Opal, is primarily sourced from Coober Pedy, although it has been found in other Australian mine sites such as Lightning Ridge and Mintabie. Characterized by its body tone ranging from N7 to N9, White Opal typically exhibits vibrant fire colors like reds and oranges, making it highly sought after in the global market for its uniqueness and brilliance.

Crystal Opal, primarily discovered in Coober Pedy and other Australian mine sites like Lightning Ridge and Mintabie, possesses translucency, enabling light to pass through. Despite White Opal typically holding a higher value than Crystal Opal, the latter remains highly sought after for jewelry. It is valued for its distinctive appearance and ability to complement other gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies in jewelry such as rings and bracelets.

Available White Opals

White Opal 4.8 ct

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Multicolor Heart Shape White Opal 1.62 ct

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