Black Opals is the rarest type of Opal, only found in a very few places in the world (mainly Lightning Ridge in NSW, Australia however some has been found in Mintabie and other small mine sites). Read More

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Godzilla – One of the Largest Black Opal Specimens in the World 1003 ct

$350,000 USD

Supernova – Absolute Gem Black Opal 12.62 Carats

$120,000 USD

Rainbow Starburst Double Sided Gem Black Opal 5.67 ct

$99,225 USD

Absolute Gem Rainbow Chaff Pattern Lightning Ridge Black Opal Ringstone 3.5 ct

$60,000 USD

Superb Gem Huge Double Sided Freeform Shape Black Opal 40.22 ct

$48,260 USD

Cosmos Thunder – Abolsute Gem Lightning Ridge Black Opal 5.46 ct

$45,000 USD

Rainbow Luminescence – Unique Gem Black Opal 6.85 ct

$44,500 USD

Gem Egg – Lightning Ridge Black Opal 11.65 ct

$39,700 USD

Rainbow Galaxy Flash Black Opal 3.04 ct

$30,400 USD

Peace Dove – Rainbow Ribbon Harlequin Black Opal Carving 6.43 ct

$25,800 USD

Forest Green Gem Black Opal 25.95 ct

$25,000 USD

Gorgeous Unique Rainbow Gem Black Opal 13.05 ct

$23,490 USD

Rainbow Shield Gem Black Opal 11.66 ct

$23,320 USD

Gorgeous Rainbow Fire Black Opal Ringstone 9.25 Ct

$23,250 USD

Rainbow Nebula Black Opal

$22,160 USD

Huge Rainbow Fire Teardrop Dark Opal 19.27 ct

$19,270 USD

7.81 ct Fantastic Chaff Pattern Red and Blue Black Opal

$19,000 USD

Deep Blue Ocean – Gem Black Opal Ringstone 8.86 ct

$17,000 USD

Huge Electric Neon Bright Oval Shape Black Opal 16.87 ct

$16,870 USD

Midnight Ice – Huge Black Opal 33.65 Ct

$16,825 USD

Cosmic Rainbow Stunning Black Opal 11.04 ct

$16,560 USD

Gorgeous Gem Rectangle Shape Black Opal 8.17 ct

$16,340 USD

Double Sided Gem Triangle Shape Lightning Ridge Black Opal 7.68 Ct

$15,360 USD

Solar Storm – Bright Rainbow Gem Black Opal 9.71 ct

$14,565 USD

Gem Deep Blue Purple Black Opal 14.41 ct

$14,400 USD

Gorgeous Blocky Pattern Black Opal 4.3 ct

$12,900 USD

Rainbow Sparkle Dark Opal 12.60 ct

$12,600 USD

Gorgeous Flashy Blue and Green Black Opal 12.53 ct

$12,530 USD

Green Flash Gem Black Opal 5.5 ct

$12,370 USD

Stunning Rainbow Fire Flash Gem Black Opal Ringstone 9.45 carat

$12,000 USD

Harisen – Sparkling Rainbow Black Opal 5.84 Ct

$11,680 USD

Unique Light Green Gem Black Opal 18.92 ct

$11,600 USD

5.5 ct Rainbow Deep Body Tone Black Opal Ringstone

$11,000 USD

Autumn Sunset – Beautiful Dark Opal Ringstone 10.6 ct

$10,859 USD

14.05 ct Stunning Deep Ocean Blue Black Opal ideal for Pendant or Statement Ring

$10,100 USD

1 Carat of Insanity – Multi Color Oval Shape Black Opal 1.01 ct

$10,100 USD

Stunning Gem Black Opal Ringstone 5.01 Ct

$10,000 USD

Metallic Flash Black Opal 9.95 ct

$9,950 USD

Ultimate Green Flash Shield Shape Black Opal 6.39 ct

$9,600 USD

Gorgeous Red Deep Body Tone Lightning Ridge Black Opal 4.01 ct

$9,000 USD

Triangle Shape Elegant Rainbow Black Opal 9.77 Ct

$9,000 USD

Metallic Flash Australian Natural Solid Black Crystal Opal 6.79 ct

$8,800 USD

Amazing Neon Multi Color Oval Shape Black Opal 6.52 ct

$7,380 USD

6.8 ct Sakura Pink Colorplay Dark Opal Ringstone

$6,800 USD

Large Stunning Black Opal Ideal for Pendant or Statement Ring 15.23 ct

$6,200 USD

Gorgeous Rainbow Fire Lightning Ridge Dark Teardrop Opal 3.15 ct

$6,000 USD

Ribbon Pattern Teardrop Dark Opal 12.41ct

$6,000 USD

Blocky Pattern Deep Body Tone Lightning Ridge Black Opal 2.81 ct

$5,900 USD

Superb Flash Lightning Ridge Black Opal Ringstone 5.45 ct

$5,450 USD

Bright Orange Green Oval Shape Australian Black Opal 6.28 ct

$5,200 USD

Lantern – Green Flash Black Opal 6.04 Ct

$5,200 USD

Large Brilliant Green Flash Black Opal 11.15 Ct

$5,000 USD

Ocean Opal – Gem Blue Green Black Opal With Cutting Video 9.73 ct

$4,380 USD

4.3 ct Red Fire Freeform Semi Black Opal

$4,300 USD

Collectors Piece Lightning Ridge Wood Fossil Opal 21 ct

$4,300 USD

Amazing Play of color Pear Shape Black Opal 1.96 ct

$4,100 USD

Large Rainbow River Oval Dark Opal 14.68 ct

$3,960 USD

Fantastic Neon Orange Green Flash Dark Opal 2.15 ct

$3,870 USD

2.75 ct Rainbow Freeform Lightning Ridge Black Opal

$3,850 USD

Briliant Rainbow Dark Opal Stone 2.97 ct

$3,650 USD

Stunning Blocky Pattern Freeform Dark Opal 2.4 ct

$3,600 USD

Bright Green Rolling Chaff Pattern Tear Drop Black Crystal Opal 8.11 ct

$3,600 USD

6.87 ct Green Lightning Ridge Black Opal Ringstone

$3,500 USD

Large Purple Australian Natural Solid Black Crystal Opal Stone 25.90 ct

$3,500 USD

Large Rainbow Fire Dark Opal 12.95 ct

$3,500 USD

Midnight Disco – Rainbow Sparkling Black Opal 11.60 Ct

$3,480 USD

Brilliant Green Flash Black Opal 6.35 Ct

$3,350 USD

Elegant Well Polished Dark Opal 5.28 Ct

$3,200 USD

Midnight Sparkling Black Opal 10.90 Ct

$3,150 USD

Rainbow Dark Opal 3.66 Ct

$3,000 USD

Large Green Oval Dark Opal 13.87 Ct

$3,000 USD

Flashy Neon Orange Green Australian Dark Opal 5.79 ct

$2,800 USD

Bright and Colorful Rainbow Black Opal 2.8 ct

$2,800 USD

Gorgeous Rolling Rainbow Oval Australian Dark Opal 9.26 ct

$2,490 USD

Gorgeous Bright Rainbow Dark Opal Ringstone 3.28 ct

$2,460 USD

37.63 ct Huge Purple Pinfire Lightning Ridge Black Opal Fat Teardrop

$2,400 USD

Double Sided Beautiful Green High Dome Oval Shape Australian Black Crystal Opal 4.61 ct

$2,400 USD

Unique Metallic Red Orange Oval Dark Opal 3.11 ct

$2,300 USD

Brilliant Rainbow River Natural Genuine Dark Opal 6.37 ct

$2,150 USD

Green Flash Oval Shape Black Opal 1.77 Ct

$2,000 USD

Tahiti Dream – Gorgeous Dark Opal 6.34 ct

$2,000 USD

Amazing Sunset Fire Rectangle Shape Australian Dark Opal 3.3 ct

$1,800 USD

Large Double Sided Blue Green Oval Shape Australian Black Opal 7.81 ct

$1,750 USD

Fantastic Gem Rainbow Sparkle Blocky Pattern Dark Opal 1.65 ct

$1,750 USD

Gorgeous Rainbow Triangle Dark Opal 1.88 ct

$1,750 USD

Blue Green Love Heart Shape Black Opal 8.64 ct

$1,700 USD

Rainbow Rectangular Shape Dark Opal 6.03 ct

$1,700 USD

Brilliant Neon Rainbow Fire Australian Dark Opal 3.26 ct

$1,690 USD

Gorgeous Blue Green Flash Oval Shape Black Opal 6.17 ct

$1,660 USD

Gorgeous Green Flash Black Opal Love Heart 1.89 Ct

$1,660 USD

Beautiful Dark Opal Earring Pair 5.67 ct

$1,600 USD

1.63 ct Rainbow Semi Black Opal Ringstone

$1,470 USD

Bright Rainbow Flash Freeform Australian Dark Opal 6.25 ct

$1,450 USD

Blue Green Oval Australian Black Opal Stone 1.9 ct

$1,350 USD

Gorgeous Sparkling Rainbow Dark Opal 2.23 ct

$1,350 USD

Rainbow Color Play Dark Opal Pair 2.29 ct

$1,350 USD