Reserved Collection Black Opals

Reserved Collection Black Opals

USD $100,000

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We often have some reserved black opals that we withhold from promoting on our social media and website. Often buyers of top gem grade black opals do not want the opals they are buying distributed on the internet. We therefore accept applications to view these opals. Please fill in the application in order to view them. Thank you.

Reserved Collection Black Opals

We sometimes have a small catalogue of high end black opals available to purchase. This really depends on the availability at the time as opals of such high quality are becoming rarer and rarer as time goes on. Contact us to see if we have any available. Reserved Collection Black Opals are for any Jewelry, Pendants, Ringstone, Mens Rings, Rings, Engagement Rings, Necklaces, Investment or for Collectors to purchase. Natural Solid Untreated Genuine Black Opal Loose Stones from various Lightning Ridge Mining Regions in New South Wales, Australia. Our sources include mining regions in Mulga, Coocoran, Grawin, Allawah, and Allahs Rush in Lightning Ridge, Australia.

Black opals from the reserved collection may feature stunning patterns like Harlequin, Pinfire, Flagstone, Rolling or Ribbon Mackerel, Broad Flash, Floral, and Chinese Writing.

These black opals are often the best for investment. We have sold a number of high end black opals with values up to $500,000 USD in the past.  Additionally You may be interested to read our blogs about what makes a great investment opal here and here

Why are the opals reserved?

We do not publicly showcase a select few opals if they are of high calibre for a number of reasons. One reason is that some buyers of this quality do not want these opals published on the internet.

Furthermore It is possible that these opals will be on exhibition at a gemstone show.  Some of these include Tucson, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo gem and jewelry expos. Additionally, others are Lightning Ridge or Gold Coast opal shows.

Send through your enquiry to view what reserved collection black opals stock we may have available. Correspondingly we appreciate only serious enquiries from potential buyer of these opals with a budget to be able to potentially purchase one of these opals if interested.

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Size and weight are approximate.
Please check the provided weight and dimensions carefully.
We are unable to offer additional photos for size reference.
We recommend drawing the dimensions on paper for size reference of an opal.

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We offer a lifetime guarantee for natural cracks that may form in our opals. There is a very low chance that this can happen, however occasionally it might. Our guarantee excludes any opals sold with existing fractures.
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Australian Opals do not change their appearance after exposure to heat / climate / humidity / water.
An Australian Opal will not be damaged when exposed to light chemicals such as dishwashing detergent or hand soap. You should not however expose your opal to hasher chemicals such as bleach or ammonia.
They are however susceptible to cracking if knocked hard enough. If wearing your opal set in a ring you should always be careful that it is not knocked during physical activities.
If undertaking some form of sport or manual labour, please take off your ring or other opal jewelry so that it is not damaged.