Opal: The Captivating Gemstone of Australia

With its mesmerizing play of colors and unique characteristics, Opal is undoubtedly one of the most captivating gemstones found on Earth. Australia, known for its abundant opal deposits, has become synonymous with this iridescent beauty. At Opal Galaxy, a wholesale natural Australian Opal Supplier, we are passionate about providing the finest opals to adorn your jewelry collection. Let’s dive into the enchanting world of opals and explore the different varieties, formation processes, value assessment, and more.

Types of Opals

Opals come in a splendid array of types, each with distinctive allure. Here are some of the remarkable opal varieties you can discover:

Black Opals

Gem Black Opal 5.56 ct

Original price was: USD $27,800.Current price is: USD $19,460.

Black opals are the crown jewels of the opal family, renowned for their captivating dark body tone and vibrant spectral colors. These opals originate from Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Australia, and are cherished for their rarity and abundant beauty.

Boulder Opals

Hailing from Queensland, Australia, Boulder Opals exhibit a mesmerizing play of colors against a natural ironstone matrix. The combination of precious Opal and rugged ironstone creates a unique and captivating gemstone that evokes the raw beauty of the outback.

Crystal Opals

Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal 6.08 ct

Original price was: USD $15,200.Current price is: USD $10,640.

Gem Blue Crystal Opal 2.75 ct

Original price was: USD $1,700.Current price is: USD $1,360.

Known for their transparent to translucent appearance, Crystal Opals boast a dazzling display of colors. These opals allow light to pass through, enhancing their vibrancy and creating an ethereal visual experience.

Crystal Boulder Opals

Crystal Boulder Opals is a captivating gemstone that combines opal’s beauty with natural crystal formations. Its iridescent layers create a play of vibrant colors, while embedded crystals add texture and depth. Each piece is a unique work of art, formed over millions of years. Whether used in jewelry or displayed as a centerpiece, Crystal Boulder Opal mesmerizes with its ethereal beauty and evokes a sense of wonder. Experience the magic of nature’s artistry frozen in time.

White Opals

White Opal 4.8 ct

Original price was: USD $685.Current price is: USD $548.

Multicolor Heart Shape White Opal 1.62 ct

Original price was: USD $380.Current price is: USD $304.

Double Sided Heart Shape White Opal 0.9 ct

Original price was: USD $350.Current price is: USD $280.

With their milky white body tone and subtle play of colors, White Opals possess an understated elegance. These opals in various parts of Australia exude a serene beauty that complements a wide range of jewelry designs.

Opal Jewelry

Huge Boulder Opal Pendant 284 ct

Original price was: USD $1,100.Current price is: USD $880.

Set of 2 Matching Boulder Opal Pendants Hand Carved Mauri Voodoo Face Design

Original price was: USD $380.Current price is: USD $304.

Opals have long been coveted for their beauty and versatility in jewelry design. At Opal Galaxy, we offer a stunning selection of opal jewelry showcasing these gemstones’ enchanting allure. Here are a few popular opal jewelry pieces to consider:

  • Opal Rings: Adorn your fingers with the enchantment of Opal. Opal rings come in various designs, from classic solitaires to intricate clusters, ensuring a perfect style for every preference.
  • Opal Pendants: Create a captivating focal point with an opal pendant. These versatile pieces can be worn on chains or cords, accentuating your neckline with their iridescent charm.

Unearth the Beauty: Opal Rough

If you are a jewelry designer or a gemstone enthusiast seeking the thrill of discovering your gem, exploring Opal rough can be an exciting adventure. Opal rough offers the opportunity to witness the raw beauty of opals in their natural state, brimming with potential and awaiting their transformation into breathtaking gemstones.

Exploring Opal’s Mysteries

How Do You Know if an Opal is Real?

Determining the authenticity of opal is crucial for both buyers and collectors. How do you know if an opal is real? It’s a question often asked, and understanding the key indicators can help you make an informed decision. From examining the play of colors to assessing the gemstone’s body tone, various factors can help differentiate genuine opals from imitations or opalite.

The Journey of Opal Formation

The formation of opals is a fascinating geological process that spans millions of years. How is Opal formed? The intricate interplay between water, silica, and natural cavities in the Earth’s crust. Uncover the secrets of opal formation and gain a deeper appreciation for the wonders of nature.

Assessing Opal Value

Determining the value of opals involves considering several factors that contribute to their rarity and desirability. How much is opal worth? This question depends on factors such as color intensity, play of colors, clarity, and the presence of unique patterns. Understanding these elements can help you decide when adding opals to your collection.

Opal Brightness and Body Tone Guide

Opal brightness and body tone are crucial when assessing these gemstones’ value and beauty. Our comprehensive opal brightness and body tone guide offers insights into the different brightness levels and body tones, allowing you to appreciate and evaluate opals with greater discernment.

Colors in Opals

The kaleidoscope of colors displayed by opals is truly awe-inspiring. From fiery reds to brilliant blues, opals showcase a remarkable spectrum of hues. Discover the fascinating world of colors in opals and learn about the science behind their captivating play of colors.

Caring for Your Opals

Opals are precious gemstones that require proper care to preserve their beauty for generations. Our guide on caring for your opals offers valuable tips on cleaning, storing, and protecting your opal jewelry, ensuring they continue to dazzle with their luminescence.

A Journey into Opal’s Origins

About Opals

Opals hold a special place in the realm of gemstones, fascinating humans for centuries with their captivating allure. Discover more about these enchanting gems in our article about opals, delving into their historical significance, cultural symbolism, and the remarkable legends surrounding their origins.

Belemnite Opal: A Prehistoric Marvel

The mesmerizing beauty of belemnite opal lies in its remarkable preservation of ancient marine creatures. Belemnite opal is a testament to the Earth’s rich history and bridges the prehistoric past and the present, captivating both gem enthusiasts and paleontologists alike.

Discovering Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge is at the heart of Australia’s opal industry, a captivating town renowned for its opal deposits. Learn more about Lightning Ridge, its opal fields, and the vibrant community that embraces the magic of opals. Journey through this opal-rich region and immerse yourself in its rich cultural heritage.

Embrace Opal’s Timeless Beauty

Opal Galaxy invites you to embark on a journey through the enchanting world of opals. Whether you seek opal jewelry, rough stones for your creations, or simply want to explore the wonders of this mesmerizing gem, our collection and expertise are at your disposal. Delight in the iridescent splendor of opals, a testament to nature’s artistry and the awe-inspiring beauty of Australia’s opal deposits.

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