Rainbow Harlequin Boulder Opal 14.7 ct
Rainbow Harlequin Boulder Opal 14.7 ct
Rainbow Harlequin Boulder Opal 14.7 ct
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Rainbow Harlequin Boulder Opal 14.7 ct
Harlequin Boulder Opal 14.7 ct
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Absolute Gem Rare Harlequin Winton Boulder Opal 14.7 ct

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Dimensions: 24.5×15.5×5.5 mm
Weight: 14.7 ct
Source: Opal Creek, Winton, Queensland, Australia

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SKU: XX1292

Harlequin Boulder Opal 

This 100% natural solid genuine Australian Harlequin Boulder Opal displays a mesmerizing Harlequin Pattern and play of color.
You will become entranced by the Bright Red, orange, yellow, blue, and green flames that it displays.
We have expertly cut and polished this freeform shape opal to reveal its natural beauty on its smooth surface.
Opal Creek, located south of the Winton township in an area known as Opalton in Australia, revealed the discovery of opals.
It's one of a kind and very difficult to find anything like this to compare.
It could be a great addition to an avid collector's safe, for investment, or for setting in a stunning pendant necklace.
This Harlequin Boulder Opal is one of the best opal we have had in 10 years.

Read more about Boulder Opals from Winton here:

The Harlequin Pattern opal

Harlequin Pattern Opals are extremely rare and highly sought after by gemstone enthusiasts.
They display a unique pattern resembling that of a harlequin mask.
Distinct patches in the shapes of squares, diamonds, and rectangles.
The play-of-color exhibited in these opals is truly breathtaking, making them stand out among other gemstones.
The name "Harlequin" comes from a French word that was used to describe a comedian in a play called commedia dell’arte during the 16th century.
The outfit with irregular shapes in bold, bright colors was worn by this character.
Collectors and enthusiasts are willing to pay a premium for Harlequin pattern opals.
It's making them a great investment in the industry.
The Harlequin Pattern is the most desirable gemstone in the world of opals due to its absolutely unique pattern. Which is very hard to find.
Shop now this Harlequin Boulder Opal and add a touch of elegance to your jewelry collection.
You can read more about buying opals for investment purposes here: https://opalgalaxy.com/buying-black-opals-for-investment/

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About Boulder Opals

Boulder Opal is a beautiful type of precious opal that is unique to Queensland, Australia. Boulder Opal is usually found in Ironstone, but sometimes found in sandstone which is referred to as Pipe Boulder Opal or Crystal Opal. Boulder opal is popularly used in pendant necklace designs, as well as in rings by jewelers around the world. Read more here about boulder opals

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Australian Opals do not change their appearance after exposure to heat / climate / humidity / water.
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