Rare Neon Bright White Opal Specimen 465 ct
RARE Neon Bright Rainbow Neon Fire White Opal Specimen Olympic Field 465 ct
RARE Neon Bright Rainbow Neon Fire White Opal Specimen Olympic Field 465 ct
RARE Neon Bright Rainbow Neon Fire White Opal Specimen Olympic Field 465 ct
RARE Neon Bright Rainbow Neon Fire White Opal Specimen Olympic Field 465 ct
RARE Neon Bright Rainbow Neon Fire White Opal Specimen Olympic Field 465 ct

Rare Gem White Opal Specimen for Collector/Investment 465 ct

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Natural Solid Untreated Australian White Opal Polished Stone
Dimensions : 73x49x25 mm
Weight  : 465 ct
Source : Olympic Field, Coober Pedy, SA, Australia
Size and weight are approximate

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White Opal Specimen

You can’t find a White Opal Specimen of this size and quality around these days! Weighing 465 carats this is a one and only, true collector's piece. The second video shows this opal in its rough form before we cut it. We left this piece in its original shape and form, however, a buyer may contemplate cutting it further into several shapes gorgeous high-end white opals.

White opals, also known as milky opals, hold high regard for their captivating shine and delicate iridescence. These opals feature a translucent to semi-translucent white base color that perfectly highlights their stunning range of hues. From soft pastels to vivid bursts of red, blue, green, and orange, the intermingling of colors found in these opals is truly enchanting.

Olympic Field

This White Opal Specimen discovery is in the Olympic Field in Coober Pedy, Central Australia. You can see what the Olympic Field looks like in this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYLuvcbn4rw
The Olympic Field and the 8-Mile fields of Coober Pedy are known as the best producing fields of gem white and crystal opals in the World. Olympic Field, discovered in 1964, is one of the largest producers of stable gem-grade white opal. As far as we know the Olympic field was mostly mined out a long time ago. Today, there is only a small amount of mining.

Whilst Opal Galaxy are not big suppliers of White Opals, when such a beautiful piece comes available such as this white opal specimen, we do like to get it to add to our collection. White Opals discoveries are in Coober Pedy in Central Australia, much further away from our main location in Lightning Ridge. Coober Pedy is famous as the largest discovery area of white and crystal opal in the World. You can read more about Coober Pedy in the blog that we wrote here: https://opalgalaxy.com/coober-pedy-opals/

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About White Opals

White Opal has been discovered in other mine sites in Australia such as Lightning Ridge and Mintabie, Coober Pedy is predominately the main source of it. White Opal is also known as fire white opal, milk or milky opal. White Opal is one of the most popular opals sourced in the world today as they are very unique, and one of a kind. Read more about White opal

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