Purple Sparkling Crystal Boulder Opal 31.9 ct
Purple Sparkling Crystal Boulder Opal 31.9 ct
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Purple Sparkling Crystal Boulder Opal 31.9 ct

Purple Crystal Boulder Opal 31.9 ct

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Natural Solid Untreated Australian Crystal Boulder Opal Polished Stone
Weight: 31.9 carats
Dimensions: 42x18x8 mm
Source: Winton, QLD, Australia
Size and weight are approximate

SKU: XX572

Purple Crystal Boulder Opal 

This Purple Crystal Boulder Opal is an ideal piece for a collector, or use in a pendant necklace design. The opal is a Natural, Solid, Untreated and Genuine Crystal Boulder Opal Loose Stone.

If set in a pendant, this opal has a nice shape to accompany an accent stone such as a row of small diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds. Set in platinum, white gold or yellow gold.

A crystal boulder opal of this size and quality is very rare to come across, both in mining efforts and for sale in the market. The opal is of top gem quality.

This Purple Crystal Boulder Opal was discovered in Diamantina mining area; about 4 hours west drive of the township of Winton in outback Queensland, Australia. Diamantina is a beautiful national park area of Western Queensland. You can read more about the Winton area here: https://opalgalaxy.com/the-town-of-winton/

What are Crystal Boulder Opals?

Crystal Boulder Opal, also known as P!pe Crystal Boulder Opal, is a unique type of opal that is based on sandstone instead of the more commonly known ironstone. Unlike ironstone, sandstone is a more fragile and brittle material, which results in a lighter-colored and crystal-like opal. If you have an interest in learning more about Crystal Boulder Opals, please visit https://opalgalaxy.com/crystal-boulder-opal/

These opals are often discovered unintentionally while searching for Ironstone Boulder Opals. You can find these opals in sandstone and they are often located in pockets rather than inside large boulders that require smashing open with a sledgehammer.

At Opal Galaxy, we offer a rare collection of high-quality Crystal Boulder Opals that are difficult to find elsewhere. Shop our amazing selection of Crystal Boulder Opals today!


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About Crystal Boulder Opals

Crystal Boulder Opals, or commonly referred to as P!pe Crystal Boulder Opals are a type of opal found in boulder opal mines in Winton.

These opals are found in pockets of sandstone within the boulder opal mine; referred to as ‘crystal boulder’. Read more here about crystal boulder opals

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Australian Opals do not change their appearance after exposure to heat / climate / humidity / water.
An Australian Opal will not be damaged when exposed to light chemicals such as dishwashing detergent or hand soap. You should not however expose your opal to hasher chemicals such as bleach or ammonia.
They are however susceptible to cracking if knocked hard enough. If wearing your opal set in a ring you should always be careful that it is not knocked during physical activities.
If undertaking some form of sport or manual labour, please take off your ring or other opal jewelry so that it is not damaged.