Bright Fire Black Crystal Opal 3.25 ct

Bright Fire Black Crystal Opal 3.25 ct

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Natural Solid Untreated Black Crystal Opal Polished Stone
Color: Blue/ Green/ Orange/ Yellow
Shape: Oval
Weight: 3.25 carats
Dimensions: 11×9.5×4.5 mm
Source: Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia

Black crystal opals are a mesmerizing gemstone, highly prized for their captivating appearance. They feature a dark, black base color that provides the perfect backdrop for the brilliant flashes of color that dance within their crystal structure. These flashes of color are the opal’s “play of color” and are what makes it so unique and special. Found primarily in the Lightning Ridge mines of Australia, they are known for their exceptional quality and beauty. The transparent crystal structure of the stone allows light to penetrate the surface and reflect off the internal structure, creating a stunning visual effect. The colors visible in a black crystal opal can range from green and blue to red and orange, and can change depending on the angle of the light and the movement of the stone. Black crystal opals are highly valued by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike. They are often used in high-end jewelry pieces, as their beauty and rarity make them a desirable addition to any collection. They are also popular for use in engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and other fine jewelry. The rarity of this specific opals adds to their value and desirability. They are found in limited quantities, and the process of mining and cutting them is a delicate one. This means that this kind of opal are often more expensive than other types of opals, but their unique beauty and quality make them worth the investment. In summary, they are a truly captivating gemstone, treasured for their unique and striking appearance. Their dark, black base color and brilliant flashes of color make them a highly sought-after addition to any collection of precious gems. Whether set in a stunning piece of jewelry or simply admired for their natural beauty, black crystal opal are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Size and weight are approximate.
Please check the provided weight and dimensions carefully.
We are unable to offer additional photos for size reference.
We recommend drawing the dimensions on paper for size reference of an opal.

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Australian Opals do not change their appearance after exposure to heat / climate / humidity / water.
An Australian Opal will not be damaged when exposed to light chemicals such as dishwashing detergent or hand soap. You should not however expose your opal to hasher chemicals such as bleach or ammonia.

They are however susceptible to cracking if knocked hard enough. If wearing your opal set in a ring you should always be careful that it is not knocked during physical activities.

If undertaking some form of sport or manual labour, please take off your ring or other opal jewelry so that it is not damaged.

Black Opal is the most rarest type of Opal, only found in a very few places in the world (mainly Lightning Ridge in NSW, Australia however some has been found in Mintabie and other small mine sites). Black Opal is non transparent. If you shine light onto it you will not be able to see through the Opal. It is made up of potch and magnificent colours and patterns. Because Black Opal is so rare and also so beautiful, it is the most expensive type of Opal you will find. Read more here about black opals


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Bright Fire Black Crystal Opal 3.25 ct

Bright Fire Black Crystal Opal 3.25 ct

USD $3,120

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