• Aboriginal Stories of Opals

    Aboriginal Stories of Opals

    Indigenous Australians, or better known as Aboriginal people have lived in Australia since the beginning of time. There are many stories of dreamtimes’ since the beginning of time that tell beautiful stories of how Australia was created. A constant creature within the dreamtime is the Rainbow Serpent; a giant rainbow snake that formed the main rivers through-out Australia when he slithered across the land...
  • Belemnite Opal

    Belemnite Opal

    Belemnite is an opalised, fossilised squid that has been discovered mainly in Coober Pedy, South Australia. Formed over approx. 100 million years, these fossilised opals are very rare. They are an extinct order of squid that existed from the late Triassic to late Cretaceous periods in time. Unlike squid, Belemnites had an internal skeleton. Belemnites are believed to have had 10 hooked arms that...
  • Koroit And Yowah Boulder Opals

    Koroit And Yowah Boulder Opals

    What is a Boulder Opal? Boulder Opal is a beautiful type of precious opal that is unique to Queensland, Australia. Boulder Opal is usually found in Ironstone, but sometimes found in sandstone which is referred to as Pipe Boulder Opal or Pipe Crystal Opal. Boulder opal is popularly used in pendant necklace designs, as well as in rings by jewelers around the world. Boulder Opal...
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